Support Breast Cancer Awareness With These Chic and Charitable Finds

Tommy Hilfiger

Add this color-blocked carryall to your collection, and the folks at Tommy will donate $100 of the purchase price to Fund for Living, a Breast Health International initiative that helps cover healthcare costs for cancer sufferers.

Senior Digital Editor

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to educating the public about one of the world's most common diseases (shockingly, about 12 percent of women born in the U.S. will develop it at some point in their lives). Every year, dozens of fashion and beauty companies lend a hand to the cause, funneling donations into breast cancer research and support organizations—and you can help, too! Starting next month, treat yourself to some of the products in the slideshow above (which we'll be continuously updating in the weeks to come!), each of which will benefit a philanthropic foundation that's working to raise awareness and conduct continuing cancer research. It's the very definition of a feel-good purchase—and that's something Lucky believes in 100 percent.


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