11 Actually Exciting Shirts to Refresh Your Button-Down Stash

Your regular chambray will be jealous.

Digital Fashion Writer

There's something about a button-down that makes an outfit seem like there's effort behind it. I don't know if it's the corporate-y associations of collared shirts or the extra twelve seconds it takes to fasten five buttons, but compared to crewneck sweaters and t-shirts and what not, button-downs feel sharper. Even the chambray ones can look crisp, which makes button-downs of all varieties easy to love.

But while you might be fiercely loyal to your stockpile—cotton ones for work, some silk ones for night, chambray and flannel for the weekend—you might also be a little tired of how much you wear them. It's a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless, so we've rounded up some button-downs that aren't just defaults but standouts, too. From beaded chambray to see-through lace to electric pink cotton, they'll get you excited about your button-down section again.