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"Big gold hoops are the perfect statement earring. I wear them every single day. They bring the drama, for sure, but in an extremely tasteful way. I feel like they just light up my entire face." -Denise Burrell-Stinson
"I like to wear a bunch of tiny earrings all at once — I like things that you can wear every day and never have to think about or change. My favorite are the Catbird Chained To My Heart emerald earrings, but I'm really thinking of picking up the really neat, giant Jezebel pearl earrings to switch it up." -Laurel Pantin, Market Editor
"This is sort of an in-between answer, but although I've only got one hole in each of my ears, I'm a fan of super-dainty earrings, partly because most earrings irritate my skin and partly because I just prefer a more delicate look. All I usually wear are diamond, pearl or gold studs—or my new DIY backdrop chains! [LINK TK]—which I switch up every so often to keep things fresh. That said, I'm seriously considering getting a second piercing on one ear sometime in the near future. Is it embarrassing to admit that I only want that because Gwyneth Paltrow has it?" -Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"I always go for big, decadent and slightly kitchy with earrings. Mirrored lucite, gold skulls, shoulder-skimming and dangling—the wilder the better." - Megan O'Neill, Associate Beauty Editor
"I love dainty for sure. I wear teeny tiny diamonds like these from Steven Alan." -Alexis Bryan Morgan, Executive Fashion Director
"I can't be bothered to wear earrings unless they are going to stand out. I like this pair, which reminds me a little of a pineapple, and is full of vintage charm, even though it's new." -Laura Morgan, Entertainment Director
"I am a diamond stud girl all the way! Every time I try on big earrings I feel like someone is going to ask me to read their fortune." -Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Assistant
"Statement earring can get uncomfortable because of their weight. I prefer to save my ears and opt for something subtle. These teeny Catbird earrings are a perfect way to keep your ears light." -Amanda Letchko, Fashion Assistant
"Statement styles require too much earring to hairstyle coordination. It's easier just to just throw on some studs!" -Alison Syrett, Digital Fashion Writer
"Im all about quiet statements, so I love the look of teeny-tiny earrings. Even my hoops are barely there! The more delicate the jewelry, the easier (and more fun) it is to mix it up  while still looking pulled together." -Anna Deutsch, Special Sections Editor
"Who says you can't do both? I'm a huge, huge fan of the statement earring. The bigger, the brighter, the better, mainly because a pair of over-the-top earrings means you don't have to think all that much about the rest of your look. (They're kind of like red lipstick that way.) But I also love a dainty addition in a surprising place, like a small rose gold hoop at the top of the ear—which, incidentally, would pair beautifully with these." -Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor