Dear Lucky: 'How Do I De-Bulk My Blouse Layer?'


Every day, we get tons of questions from our readers about what to buy and how to wear it. Our Facebook page, Twitter feed and email inboxes are perpetually packed with your queries—and as editors, it's our job to help you navigate these tricky real-life dressing scenarios with ease (and style, of course). Read on for today's inquiry!

Q: "Last year I went out shopping and bought all of the pieces to make the 45 outfits from your "New Ways to Get Dressed In the Morning" story. I've been having trouble, however, with the long sleeve blouse layered beneath a sleeveless dress lookthe shirt makes lumps in the skirt, giving me an extra belly bump! Any tips on how to avoid this? I've been layering a slip (full or half) as my first layer over undergarments, then the shirt over it, but I'd like an easier solution."

To answer your question, we went wasted no time with Google searches and guesswork, and went straight to the desk of our fashion director, Anne Keane, instead. Not because she's worked on several magazine stories about the art of layering, or because she sees every blouse of the season through her daily market appointments—although those things do help! No, we knew Anne would have the right answer since she routinely wears button-downs under her own sweaters and dresses, and we've never seen a simple lump. Not even an awkward wrinkle!

"Smoothing the lumps out of a long sleeve blouse is about finding the right one," she told us without hesitation. "Silk works well, or a super thin cotton that is well worn—not starched or ironed!"

Although that sounds simple enough, we understand it can takes hours and hours of shopping to find just the right one. To save you some time, we've included six suitable option in the slideshow above. Or, if you're especially determined to make your favorite oxford work, buy an extra large container of laundry detergent and give Anne's second bit of advice a try: "You may just have to wash yours a thousand times over to beat it up!"


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