Elana Fishman: Editor By Day, Fit-And-Flare Skirt Savante...Also By Day

"I did ballet from the time I was five or so up until my later teenage years, and I definitely think that had an impact on how I dressed. To this day, I'm obsessed with the ballerina-off-duty look—a leotard or loose-fitting sweatshirt, a wrap skirt, tights and flats. But the circle skirts I wear every day are infinitely comfier and less cumbersome than tutus, I'll say that much!"

Digital Intern

Working every day with Senior Digital Editor Elana Fishman in my peripheral vision, I can't help but notice two key things about her. The first is her constantly flawless posture (seriously—it's like her spine is tethered to an invisible ruler). The second is what often adorns her perfectly poised body: covetable fit-and-flare skirts by the thousands. Okay..maybe not thousands, but she's got to own at least hundreds of those things.

After trying to limit my "I love your skirt" compliments to two a week became not enough, I decided the matter required further investigation and asked Elana to tell me a bit more about her wardrobe staple. Click through the slideshow for her comments, as well as a few of her favorite fit-and-flare picks.


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