The Slightly Off-Kilter Basics Your Wardobe Really Needs

Chambray Shirt

Wear this embellished one the same way you would a basic chambray shirt—over a bathing suit at the beach, tucked into a leather skirt, as half of a denim tuxedo—knowing your outfit's slightly better just because of those teeny little beads.

Digital Fashion Writer

The only things your wardrobe needs more than great basics are great elevated basics: those slightly off-kilter, seemingly-simple-but-what's-that-cool-detail things. Like these 11 items above, all of which have the same fold-me-into-any-outfit versatility of the cookie-cutter classics, but with surprising details, cool cuts and unusual fabrics adding an extra adrenaline shot. Think of it as your usual go-to cocktail, only with a floater on top.


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