The Slightly Off-Kilter Basics Your Wardobe Really Needs

Personalized Jewelry

Instead of the sweet but slightly overplayed necklace with your monogram or initial, pick one with a number instead. Birthday, anniversary, or simply your lucky digit: it'll be just as easy to wear every day, but you won't see someone else with it every hour.

Digital Fashion Writer

The only things your wardrobe needs more than great basics are great elevated basics: those slightly off-kilter, seemingly-simple-but-what's-that-cool-detail things. Like these 11 items above, all of which have the same fold-me-into-any-outfit versatility of the cookie-cutter classics, but with surprising details, cool cuts and unusual fabrics adding an extra adrenaline shot. Think of it as your usual go-to cocktail, only with a floater on top.


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