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The Little Black Dress
It's a blank canvas, just like any other default black cocktail dress...until you turn around.
Personalized Jewelry
Instead of the sweet but slightly overplayed necklace with your monogram or initial, pick one with a number instead. Birthday, anniversary, or simply your lucky digit: it'll be just as easy to wear every day, but you won't see someone else with it every hour.
Striped Tee
Everyone's got a plain black or navy or red one, so this two-for-one combo feels a little fresher.
Ballet Flats
Snub toe versions—the ones that look like legit ballerina-on-point shoes–stand out in the pack of black flats without any flashy hardware or logos. Timeless, but different.
White Button-Down
At night, wear it without anything underneath (except maybe a lacy bra); by day, wear it over a little white camisole to keep it more conservative. Either way, the lace detail makes it much more exciting than the average white button-down.
Hip monogramming sneakily makes them more special without changing their look too much. (They're blue jeans, so they're probably best when simple.)
From far away, they look like those run-of-the-mill, round- or square-shaped sparkly studs every girl seems to have. Up close, though, they're much, much prettier.
Kinda crazy how much cooler a little bit of leather trim can make something.
Tote Bag
Pick one with a standard shape and neutral color, but with hardware like this: not bling-y or aggressive, just quietly memorable.
Trench Coat
You're gonna wear your trench coat on drab days, when it's rainy and gross and you don't need a ho-hum outfit, too. Instead, pick one with cool piping or shoulder details like this and you'll actually feel excited for bad weather.
Chambray Shirt
Wear this embellished one the same way you would a basic chambray shirt—over a bathing suit at the beach, tucked into a leather skirt, as half of a denim tuxedo—knowing your outfit's slightly better just because of those teeny little beads.