We Found Emma Watson's Perfect White Dress

Market Editor

Last week I was reading "the news" (celebrity gossip sites—judge me freely) and I saw a picture of Emma Watson in the most gorgeous white dress. Crisp and midi-length, it is the platonic ideal of a white summer dress, and I had to have it. This happens to me a lot—and most often, the super-simple, clean, minimalist, classic, tailored thing I "have to have" is a gazillion dollars. Sadly, I am not a gazillionaire, so I move on. But this is a happy story! I went straight to Shopbop, searched for "white dress" and bang; J Brand Ready To Wear Gwyneth Dress, on sale for 238 bucks. It's the exact same dress, and it's currently en route to live on my body every day, for the rest of my life. Victory!

Dress, $238.50, JBrand, Shopbop.com.

JDH Images / Splash News


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