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"Listen to Tommy with a candle burning, and you'll see your entire future." We couldn't agree more. Pair this tee with an extra fluffy faux fur coat and you'll be set for fall.
Less than five years after playing bright-eyed and bubbly Sandy, Olivia Newton John released Physical and our workouts were never the same.
Who knows how many years later and the Stones are still touring. (And we still can't get enough.)
They haven't released a new album since Synchronicity in 1983, but with classics like "Roxanne" and "Every Breath You Take", they're still topping our charts.
Need to get pumped up? Play "Highway To Hell" and "Back In Black"—back to back. The end.
There's no going wrong with Bruce Springsteen—and the man has that whole distressed jeans and plaid shirts thing down.
Look at those abs!
This homage to NYC's own hard rock band is a must. A face full of makeup and pyrotechnics! What's there not to love?
Who hasn't tried watching The Wizard of Oz while playing The Dark Side of the Moon? This tee with a pair of super skinnys and some ruby red pumps? Even better.
Formed in 1968, Rush has stuck to their synthetic musical roots throughout the years.
Poison obviously wins for best hair!
There are talks of a Kinks reunion and we are stoked!
It's Styx! Everybody loves Styx—and best of all, they're rocking harder than ever these days!
Vince Neil and Tommy Lee are two of the craziest hard rockers out there. Channel their vibe with this tank and a pair of cutoffs.
Come on, it's Stevie Wonder!
Good ole Willie, for all you Southerners out there!
Guns 'n Roses is a close second in the best hair category!
Even Rachel Zoe is a self-proclaimed Deadhead—she's reportedly been to 30 Grateful Dead concerts.
They're nicknamed "America's Greatest Rock and Roll Band" for a reason!
Van Halen continues to rock hard. And that baby totally agrees!
Cyndi Lauper is—and will always be—one of our all-time favorite music style icons.
Def Leppard is by far our favorite band from the New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands.
It's Paul McCartney. No explaination needed. Maybe pair it with some Stella?
No Texan has rocked harder than ZZ Top. And they're still going strong—beards and all!
Wait, has Rod Stewart not aged since 1977?