Our Editor-in-Chief's Kinda Genius D.I.Y. Manicure Strategy

Eva's At Home Manicure

Since this is Eva's idea of a "messy" paint job, we thought she'd be the perfect person to school us in home manicure strategy. Click through for her step-by-step guide to giving yourself an almost-salon-quality mani from the comfort of your couch.

Digital Fashion Writer

Our editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, tends be more transparently giddy than humble brag-y. She still freaks out every time someone sends her a new lip balm, despite years of getting them free as a beauty editor, and tweets her giddiness when meeting celebrities instead of pretending to be nonplussed (why do people do that?). So when she Instagrammed her self-painted manicure last week with the caption "Probably the messiest manicure I've ever given myself," it was kinda confusing. Was this a joke, or bait for dozens of "WHAT?!? no OMG your manicure is perfect!!!!!" replies?

Like mayyybe if you blow it up in hi-def you can find a pixel or two of that Jordan almond-blue polish out of order, but for the most part, it's damn near salon quality. But since Eva would be the first to excitedly tweet "look how ah-mazing this turned out!" we don't think it was false modesty on her part, but her beauty editor background causing higher standards instead. Thankfully, she's also got a higher level application game to match, and that's something we can all benefit from: above, Eva's tips for nailing an almost-perfect manicure from the comfort of your couch. (While watching American Ninja Warrior, if you like, because that's when Eva does her nails.)


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