Beyoncé, Posh Spice and the Story Behind Our Editor-in-Chief's New Haircut

"My haircut hasn't changed the way I dress, but it has changed the products I use. I don't want to look like Posh Spice circa 1997!" Click through to shop the stuff that keeps Eva's "graduated shob" (shoulder bob) looking pretty in an undone, natural way. (They're great for all hair lengths, of course.)

Digital Fashion Writer

"I think subconsciously I was inspired by Beyoncé cutting her hair," laughs our editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, when I ask her about the semi-dramatic haircut she got last weekend. "That, and I've also seen so many people lately with pastel hair [like I had] and so I wanted to change it up. My colorist was out of town, so I said to my hairdresser, 'Oh, just trim that part out,' and this is what we ended up going with in the end: seven inches, gone."

Some people would probably be freaking out over the change—the sudden lack of ponytail capability, the weirdness when finger combing stops six seconds earlier than usual—but Eva not so much. "I've always had a quite cavalier attitude about my hair. It grows faster than a chia pet, so I feel like by the holidays it'll be long again."

The only thing that has changed drastically is her styling routine. "With shorter hair, or a 'graduated shob,' as my hairdresser deemed it, it's important to me that I not have it be short and sleek. I don't want to look like Posh Spice circa 1997! So I want products that'll give me a volumized, lightly tousled look." Click through above to see what those aregreat for nailing a pretty-yet-natural, "I got a blowout, but two days ago" kind of vibe, no matter what your hair length.


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