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Wet Ones
Special Sections Director Liz Kiernan confessed to constantly carrying Wet Ones. Why? The alcohol content in the wipes helps break down and remove almost any kind of stain! And they're super light.
Scotch Tape
No longer just for back to school, Scotch tape is perfect for removing pet hair, stray pills on sweaters and even lipstick marks. And if you get the double-sided kind, it does double duty keeping a loose hem together or a complicated neckline from causing a wardrobe malfunction!
Fab Feet Heel Tips
Do you frequent the mean streets of New York (or anywhere, really) in high heels? Never let a worn-down heel tip stop you. Keep a couple of these handy in case of any accidental breaks!
Transitioning from day to night just got one step easier! Keep these handy for those big drop earrings you love, but your ears hate. These little dots stick to the back of your ears and keep your earrings perfectly in place!
Gal Pal Garment Deodorant Removers
Never let deodorant marks hamper your day again!
Tide To Go
Another great option for eliminating those everyday stains that can ruin your outfit!
Sewing Repair Kit
This little sewing kit is compact and comes in a handy, durable case. Remember what they say about a stitch in time...
Static Guard
What's worse than pulling a Marilyn and having your skirt blow up for everyone to see? Having to spend the whole day with a clingy piece of clothing that just won't let go. Don't fall victim to an accidental flash—Static Guard is your new best friend.
Safety Pins
They're the easiest way to adjust a hemline or temporarily close up a hole when you're out and about.
Hair Ties
Rain, humidity and heat are all major hair hazards. I always make sure to have a couple spare elastic bands in my purse, just in case.