10 Stylish Investment Pieces And Why They're Worth the Splurge

Oversized Cashmere or Wool Wrap

How do we love our enormous cashmere throws? Let us count the ways: they're the perfect way to stay warm in snowy weather (when you live in a windy city, a coat alone just doesn't cut it), they double as blankets (and pillows!) on long plane or car trips and they sort of make us feel like Stevie Nicks. Solid.

Senior Digital Editor

In every woman's wardrobe, there are places one should splurge and places one should save. Knee-high boot/sandal hybrids (bandals?) might have been all over recent runways, for instance, but unless you're really into channeling Marcus Aurelius on the regular, you probably shouldn't snap up those thousand-plus-dollar designer originals. Likewise, while cutouts may be super-cool this season, there's no reason to choose a skin-baring dress that sends you into debt—c'mon, will you still be wearing it three years from now?

Unlike these fleeting trends, closet classics—things you'll love for years to come, regardless of ever-changing fashion fads—are the obvious best place to sink your shopping dollars. To wit, I've rounded up 10 splurge-worthy staples in the slideshow above that can (and should!) take a bigger chunk out of your budget. After all, chances are they'll be sticking around for awhile.


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