Lena Dunham Ditches Her Shorteralls for Schoolgirl Plaid and Satchels in GIRLS Season 3

Lena Dunham filming a scene for GIRLS' third season.

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Senior Digital Editor

Hannah Horvath, the bumbling Brooklynite so excellently, awkwardly portrayed by Lena Dunham in HBO's highly addictive GIRLS, may be many things (a voice of a generation, for starters)—but a fashion icon, she is arguably not. The series' costume designer Jenn Rogien has spoken out several times about how she purposely puts Dunham in ill-tailored pieces and doesn't-work-for-everyone trends (shorteralls, anyone?) precisely in order to communicate the character's "lovingly disheveled" nature. But for GIRLS' third season, which kicks off next January, it seems Hannah will be trying a new sartorial persona on for size: that of a bookish, slightly retro prepster.

In the shot above, captured on the street during a recent GIRLS taping, Lena's dressed in a plaid coat that's completely in line with fall 2013's trend forecast. She's also toting not one, but two bags—a bright red backpack and a classic Cambridge Satchel. The look's more polished than what we've come to expect from her character—pajama-type shirt notwithstanding—so we've got to ask: does this mean Hannah's finally pulled herself out of a funk and gotten a real, grown-up-person job? Perhaps the serious-writer gig of her dreams? We can't wait to find out. In the meantime, click through to shop pieces inspired by Hannah's very scholastic outfit.


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