13 Simple And Gorgeous Gold Rings You'll Wear Every Day

Digital Fashion Writer

All jewelry shopping is fun: hunting for the right statement necklace to amp up a cocktail dress, carefully weighing the investment on a grown-up watch, even salivating over "price upon request" bling with no actual purchase in mind. But shopping for basic rings—the non-sparkly, non-colored, just metal variety—is maybe the most fun, because it needs the least amount of "how will I wear this?" mind-racking.

Think about it: necklaces can clash with different necklines and bracelets can get tucked under sleeves, but your hands are always on display, so you end up getting the most wear out of a ring. And if you find one that's simple yet interesting, like these gold rings above, you'll not only be able to wear it everyday, you'll want to, too.

Stick to a slight variation on the classic band, or choose one with a cool design like studs, rope or skulls woven into it. Either way, on close inspection, the ring you pick will speak to your personality, but at arm's length it'll just be a bit of shine dressing up your hands and finishing your outfit. It's a win-win.


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