Stuffed To The Gills: Handbags That Can Fit Whatever You're Carrying

For Work


When you've got more to do after five o'clock than before, pick a work bag that borders on clutch territory—but still fits the essentials.

Digital Writer

If a salesperson tells me the purse I've been repeatedly posing with in front of the mirror (over the shoulder, then two hands on one handle, followed by crook of my arm, rinse and repeat) is the perfect weekday/going-out/whatever bag, it's hard not to roll my eyes. Really? The perfect bag? Such things don't exist! Let's take my work days, for instance: sometimes I need extra room to accommodate my sneakers and spandex for evening sessions at the gym. But whenever I'm running straight from my desk to drinks and dinner, I'd like to carry something smaller. Bulky totes look pretty silly hanging on the backs of bar chairs.

I don't subscribe to owning just one clutch for parties, either, or spend every weekend with the same crossbody slung across my chest. Life's just too unpredictable for such a limited selection; it's better to have a few sizes on hand for every situation. Then, if my last-minute decision to squeeze in a KIND bar (because what if they aren't serving food?!) doesn't work out, I can always go larger. At the very least, I'd say that every girl needs at least three options each—small, medium and large—for work, play and relaxing. Got some gaping holes in your collection? Fill 'em up now with my suggestions above.


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