Our Editor-in-Chief's Easy, Buy-in-Bulk Hostess Gift

Everyone brings wine— set yourself apart by bringing cool wine stoppers instead. Click through to shop Eva's favorite peace sign ones and some other fun versions we found.

Digital Fashion Writer

If you follow our editor-in-chief Eva Chen on Instagram, you've seen the zillions of gifts she gets. From vases of pink snapdragons to boxes of green tea KitKats (they're amazing), it's almost routine for her to get something cool every day. Which is why we thought she'd be an ideal resource for gift-giving advice—particularly hostess gifts, the sort of small-but-sweet things she gets on the regular. 

Eva's suggestion?

"My friend once gave me a whole box full of wine bottle stoppers that have hands doing the peace sign on top. That's my signature Instagram thing, so it was pretty much perfect for me! Now whenever I go to someone's house for a dinner party or weekend stay, I'll bring one along with some wine."

Small and easy to buy in bulk, a wine stopper's sort of the perfect default gift—provided you find one that speaks to your personality like Eva did, so it adds a personal touch. Click through above to shop her favorites and some other fun ones we found. (With Labor Day looming, some "thanks for letting me use your clean towels and eat all your barbecue!" gifts might come in handy very soon.)


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