The Bodysuit Is Back

Stella McCartney’s Lara Stripping Bodysuit is my favorite lingerie option. Sheer navy lace in front with a full back for coverage.


The bodysuit is back. And in a big way. I’m not sure if we’re suffering from an 80’s flashback, but the bodysuit is the perfect way to banish muffin tops, panty lines and exposed tummies for good.

How to wear a bodysuit? With everything! A bodysuit is the perfect layering piece to wear under sheer tops, open-weave knits, lightweight dresses and low-cut tops.

The perfect bodysuit wardrobe mixes fashion with function. And there is only one rule when it comes to bodysuits: you do not want panty lines. Make sure they are seamless or as close to seamless as possible. Click through above for some of my favorites.


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