Let's Get Comfortable: Five Simple Ways To Wear Sweatpants In Public

1. Use them to suck the 9-to-5-ness out of a blazer and pumps.

Such slouchy bottoms soften the sharp lines of an angular jacket, making this the perfect look for some hipper-than-thou art bar. (Accessorized with a metallic handbag and bold jewelry, you'll look like the coolest girl there—even if you order a Sex on the Beach.)

Digital Writer

Because I wear baggy boxers and a T-shirt to bed and not a satin negligée, the "pajama dressing" look from both the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton shows doesn't make my mornings any easier. Whereas some women with much fancier sleepwear collections than mine (say, La Perla silk and lace as opposed to flannel and cotton from Hanes?), have the option of merely adding heels, fur and extra eyeliner to their pajamas next season, the femme fatale look will never be that effortless for me. So I'm not going to force it.

Instead I've decided to make the loungewear-in-public trend my own by swapping out delicate lingerie for something I'm more comfortable in: sweatpants. Heartier, heavier and sportier than what Mr. Jacobs suggested last February, the look's even more versatile and much easier to style for everyday situations. To help you work your favorite pairs into non-TV-watching outfits, I've included five simple tips in the slideshow above. Click through to see and shop each one now.


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