The Pitfalls of Instagramming Your Purchases

Contributing Digital Editor

Living in SoHo, I tend to spend a fair part of Saturdays walking around seeing what's new in stores. This past weekend, geography, a bad mood and a spare bit of cash can created the perfect retail storm. A trip to Phillip Lim found me at the eye of that storm—everything was eerily calm, right and pleasant. You see, after searching for many months, I found a leather jacket that fit perfectly, smelled nice and made me feel like the badass I am absolutely never going to be. As tends to be the case in SoHo, the jacket would not come cheap. I put it on hold so I could deliberate for a solid 24 hours.

Seeking feedback from my peers and perhaps an ego boost, I posted a photo of me wearing it on instagram. Some likes and comments affirmed my suspicions. The jacket was a go. I only had to wait for the store to open to pick it up. Saturday night came and went, bringing the sweet sweet business hours of Sunday. After one final try on, I forked over the cash and had it shipped to my parents' house to avoid taxes, a favorite trick of mine. I walked out of the store feeling alive, refreshed and accomplished.

Back home, I checked my instagram again. A comment from Adam Rapoport, Editor-in-Chief of Bon Appetit and former Style Editor of GQ read, "Beware the epaulets." I thought, "Have I misjudged this jacket? Was this not a wise choice? Are epaulets superfluous? (They are.)" Adam is a wise man when it comes to these things and he kept me second-guessing. But, I shrugged it off.

With Adam's comments out of my mind, I bumped into my friend Katherine at Starbucks, who was on the hunt for a leather jacket of her own. I told her I had just bought one. "I didn't like the—" she said as I told her about the purchase I had just picked up. "And you just said you hated it...", I replied. Katherine, the kind and well mannered girl she is, quickly apologized. She, much like Adam, has an opinion of style that I hold above others and now I was truly beginning to second-guess myself. The epaulets had found another enemy.

In my moment of near-buyer's-remorse, I rememberd how much I liked the jacket in the store, how it made me feel like a badass and how much I wanted it as soon as I put it on. Instagram be damned, I love my leather jacket. Perhaps I'll think twice about posting something to instagram again, but all I can say is: buy and wear what makes you happy. Who cares?


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