Jessica Stam Bought Her First Baby-G Watch With Babysitting Money, Knows Most of the Lyrics to Every Eminem Song

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On Wednesday night, I headed down to Manhattan's Lower East Side for G-Shock's annual Shock the World event, featuring a performance from Eminem (yes, the real Slim Shady in the flesh!). Among the handful of celebrity notables in attendance was supermodel Jessica Stam, sporting an adorably summery Thom Browne ensemble and a white Baby-G watch (she's a brand ambassador!) with a rose gold face. Read on for my chat with the catwalker, in which we discussed everything from the Eminem track she knows by heart to why having short hair is the best.

Lucky: In the spirit of the evening, which is all about watches, can you share any time-saving tips you've picked up for getting ready quickly in the morning?

Jessica Stam: It doesn't really take me that much time to get ready in the morning. While I'm in the shower, I like to put my hair mask on while I'm shaving my legs. I can't really pick out my outfits the night before or anything, though, because I'm so spur-of-the-moment. I wear whatever I want to wear on a specific day. But I never really change my outfit a ton of times in the morning—I'm a "one and done" girl.

Are there any specific outfits you go to when you need to be out the door in five minutes flat?

Alaia. Anything Alaia.

Can't go wrong there. OK, so tell me about your first Baby-G watch. They were a huge deal back when I was in middle school, and I'm betting you got one back then too.

Yeah—I think I was about 12. It was the translucent baby blue one, with the two bars around the face...

Did you use to take the wire bar thing off the face and pop it into your mouth like a retainer? All the cool kids in my class used to do that. I think that says a lot about the people I went to school with.

No, but that's awesome. What color was yours?

Lavender. How did you finally acquire your baby blue one?

I saved up my babysitting money to buy it!

And now, as a G-Shock ambassador, you probably get sent dozens of them. So let's talk about music—Eminem's performing in just a few hours. Are you pumped?

So excited. I think I was just discovering Eminem around the same time I was discovering Baby-G. So it's a very nostalgic night for me.

Is there a particular Slim Shady song you know all the lyrics to?

"My Name Is." I know most of the lyrics to most of his songs, I'm sorry to say.

No shame! So what's your favorite summertime trend?

Denim shorts. I don't know that they're a trend, necessarily, but they are a summer staple.

You also recently chopped off your hair, which is very summer-appropriate. Do you prefer the crop to your old, longer style?

I'm loving having short hair. It's not easier—a lot of people think it would be, but it's not. I wake up in the morning and I look like this [pantomimes devil horns]—like a monster! But once you get it in the right place, it's cute and fun. I feel very girly with short hair.

Think you'll keep the blonde shade for awhile, too?

Yes—I'm naturally blonde, so it was time for me to go back. Having black hair was really fun for awhile, but it was so high-maintenance.


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