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Black Leather Mini Skirt
"It doesn't wrinkle, looks great with everything, adds a bit of sex and edge but keeps it classic."
Bolo Tie
"My grandfather used to wear bolos every day and now I get to carry on his tradition. The one I wear the most is a bi-colored oval shape pendant bolo. I think it's from New Mexico."
Bright Lipstick
"I wear this color every day. Every. Single. Day. Obsessed. It's creamy, but it stays on forever. I might have a meltdown if they stop making it."
Colorful Socks
"Sometimes knee socks, sometimes argyle, sometimes ones with  drawings of cats—you kind of never know what socks I'm gonna wear. But they've become a really important part of my show wardrobe. Also, I try to go vintage shopping in as many cities as I can while I'm on tour, and I usually find the most amazing coats. When I finally come home from tour, my coat collection has usually doubled in size. It's sort of a problem."
Crop Tops
"I'm a big fan of the crop top paired with a high-waisted skirt. Most of the tops I own are cropped. I don't love showing my belly button, but a little midriff just above it is a beautiful thing."
Black Ankle Boots
"Right now, you can't get me out of this pair of John Fluevog men's lace-up black leather ankle boots with a stacked heel. They only made 12 of them in the whole world and they are so, so, so good."
Tons of Sunglasses
"I give every pair of sunglasses I own about three months before I break or lose them, but a girl can't hang without some awesome shades, so I bite the bullet and bring a ton of them when I go on tour. All shapes, sizes and colors, and usually vintage."