Your Morning Tune: Toe-Tapping Swedish Jazz with Matching Shoes

Contributing Digital Editor

When I first moved to New York, I worked in a restaurant for a long time. Every year, we did a secret santa deal and I was once given a mix CD from one of the captains. This captain, who shall remain nameless, spent most of the '80s going from club to club in a dizzying mess of dance music, cocaine and designer clothes. He used to tell stories of spending all his money at Dior and then dancing in couture. With a history like that, he developed an insanely good taste for music and culture, so I was excited to get his mix CD. My favorite song on it was "Come to Me" by Koop, a swedish duo of drag queens who synthesize thousands of songs to create new ones. They're not particularly well known here in America, but they are incredible.

Let your Wednesday vibe to their smooth jazz rhythms. It'll do a body good. And if you find your toes tapping, buy some dancing shoes.


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