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Sure, fresh flowers are always appreciated—but a terrarium complete with a teensy female flasher figurine? Well, that's just infinitely more fun.
Raise a glass to summer's end—and make it monogrammed while you're at it! All that's missing is a super-strong batch of margs.
Sponsored by Grand Marnier.
Ever since Eva spilled her secret about always gifting bottle stoppers, the idea's caught on with us in a big way. Who could resist a wine topper with antlers?!
If you're crashing at someone's place for Labor Day weekend, it's likely that beach-bumming is high on both of your to-do lists. Make that last snooze in the sun a stylish one with a super-cool towel.
Pricey for a candle? Sure, but once all that wax burns down, your recipient will be the proud owner of the world's prettiest jewelry holder. It's like two presents in one!
Making popsicles is pretty much the perfect way to spend summer's final long weekend. (For best results, add a splash of booze!)
Apologies to your mom, but these cookies are way tastier than the ones she bakes (Karlie Kloss' Kookies are another fail-safe choice).
When in doubt, beautifully-packaged guest soaps are always a safe and welcome choice. Why not go above and beyond with Diptyque's divinely-scented Philosykos (fig and cedar) minis?