EXCLUSIVE: Lucky's Laurel Pantin Once Dreamt of Studying Jellyfish, Loves Her Jumpsuits and Cartoon-Covered Sneakers

Senior Digital Editor

We're obviously biased, but we think our market editor Laurel's a pretty cool girl. A native of Austin, Texas, Laurel's a self-proclaimed tomboy who used to spend her summers at marine biology camp; now, her day-to-day includes market appointments at some of Manhattan's most major designer showrooms. But make no mistake—this laid-back editor dresses for practicality and comfort. Among her favorite wardrobe staples? Disney cartoon-covered Vans and an awesome blue jumpsuit previously owned by a close friend, who just so happens to be a muscle car enthusiast.

In Look TV's latest episode of "A Stylish Life" below, take a tour of Laurel's Upper East Side apartment (and closet, of course) and get to know our newest hire a little bit better. Keep your eyes peeled for her enviable collection of clutches (one's shaped like a strawberry!) and don't miss her most important tidbit of advice for breaking into the fashion industry. It's a good one.


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