Can't Live Without It: 12 Lucky Editors' Most Treasured Pieces

The contents of the average Lucky editor's closet are unpredictable. Sometimes our racks and dressers are filled with spontaneous sale purchases, all stuffed between the spoils of a few good trips to the flea market and some spend-y things we spent months saving for. But then there's the weeks when we won't add anything new at all. Instead of shopping, all our energy is dedicated to sorting though piles of old stuff we don't use anymore.

When these major wardrobe purges happen, and most everything we own is tossed in a giant Hefty bag and sent to Goodwill, the 12 items listed above will always remain untouched. Invaluable, irreplaceable and timeless, they are all pieces we'll never get sick of or stop wearing; each one just gets better with age. Although we can't lend you our exact treasured possessions (we wouldn't last one day without 'em!), we've done the next best thing and found similar (and in some cases, the same) versions of each. Click through the slideshow above to see and shop everything now.