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"I map out the number of occasions/events I have when I travel and pack approximately one look per… I NEVER overpack. And, I always make time to shop in the local city I'm in, so I leave room in my suitcase for new finds!" - Eva Chen, Editor-in-Chief
"I recently discovered the Lilly Brush, which has become a travel essential for me. So much less annoying than bulky tape lint brushes and it makes sweaters look fresh and perfect." - Alexis Bryan Morgan, Executive Fashion Director

"These three things always go in my carry-on:

  • Dr. Dennis Gross EZ4U Facial Towelettes: They remove makeup, cleanse, tone, and leave my skin fresh but not dry.

  • Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex: This tiny roll-on face oil creates a barrier between my skin and that awful, drying airplane air. It's super moisturizing and smells like a spa.
  • Herban Essentials Lavender Towelettes: I'm obsessive about sanitizing my airplane seat (seatbelt, arm rests, tray tables) and hotel room (remote, door knobs, light switches…), and these essential-oil-infused ones are the best-smelling ones around." - Maura Lynch, Senior Beauty Editor
"I consider myself an expert packer. Neither my boyfriend nor my parents live in New York, so I find myself traveling more than the average person, with the SkyMiles points to prove it! With all this practice I feel that I have packing down to a science, especially in a carry-on. The key is to pack outfits by day and then by event. This way you are only taking what you need and will most likely have a little extra room for any impromptu shopping! Also, never, ever travel without your favorite pair of jeans. No matter the season, jeans always work, and they can be subbed in should a previously-chosen outfit no longer work!" - Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Market Assistant
"I've got a zillion strategies for packing light, but on the flip side, there's one thing I'll always make room for even if it seems silly: an extra dress if I'm going to a wedding or fancy party. I'll pick one that goes with the shoes and clutch for the dress I'm planning to wear (so it's not like I'm packing a whole extra outfit) and hopefully it'll be totally unnecessary, but you know, Murphy's Law. I don't want to be scrambling to fit into a friend's two-sizes-too-small dress or running to a random shopping mall an hour before a wedding just because coffee spilled or a zipper broke. I'm never without a backup, and since it's saved me on more than one occasion, I'd say it's definitely worth finding the extra room in your bag. Even if it means pushing out bikini number three or that extra pair of sneakers or whatever." - Natalie Matthews, Digital Fashion Writer
"Before I left for my two-month trip to Europe, I collected as many of the nicest travel-sized products I could find. That way, as the weeks went on, I could toss out the small containers of sunscreen, shampoo/conditioner—even foundation!—and make room for new purchases. Carrying big bottles of product would have been a waste of space. Plus, having the tiny versions of things like SPF were more convenient for day trips, too." - Kristie Dash, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief
"Keep your molded bras in shape by stuffing them with socks and tights when you pack your bags! Storing them this way (even when they are just in your drawer) will make them last longer." - Stephanie Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator
"The most essential travel item is Burt's Bees Aloe & Witch Hazel Hand Sanitizer—$5, tiny, light, smells vaguely of cinnamon and kills everything nasty without triclosan, without antibiotic-resistance-creating ingredients! You need it for after you wash your hands (in the airplane or anywhere else) and return to your seat. You think those airplane-bathroom faucets have appealing microbes on them? The doorknobs?? I return to my seat, spritz on the nicely-scented Burt's, and I feel…better." - Jean Godfrey-June, Executive Beauty Director
"Baggu products! I'm a huge fan of separating things by category into their own pouch so I can keep track of everything in my suitcase. I use large Baggu zipper pouches for shoes, underwear, tops and bottoms; then I use smaller Baggu pouches for jewelry, makeup, headphones/mini speakers for my iPad, etc. I also bring an extra Baggu tote along in case I go shopping, which takes up zero space in my bag. I'll usually put my purse in the tote for the return flight and use it as my second carry-on, fitting all the stuff I bought on my trip." - Becky Eaton, Deputy Art Director
"Whenever I travel I always bring a sweatshirt and an LBD. No matter whether you're going by train, plane or bus, they are always freezing! A sweatshirt helps you battle the cold. The LBD is simple—you can dress it up or down for every occasion and it doesn’t take up much room. For added value, combine the two and add a boot for a cozy yet edgy look." - Amanda Letchko, Fashion Assistant
"When traveling, I try to stick mainly to jersey, soft cotton and poly-blend (yes, really!) dresses that won't wrinkle easily—and then I hang them as soon as I arrive at my destination, which is key. If I'm delayed, the unpacking never happens, and I wind up with a sad suitcase full of scrunched-up stuff. Choosing pieces in neutral hues also makes it easier to create multiple outfits for each, simply by changing up my accessories (which are lighter and easier to pack). My primary packing goal for every trip I take? To be able to fit everything into a carry-on bag so I don't have to check my luggage!" - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor