10 Reasons Why The O.C.’s Marissa Cooper Was TV’s Most Stylish Character Ever

The Flats

At 5’9, Marissa certainly didn’t need any help in the height department—but what made her character so groundbreaking is that she voluntarily, consistently chose flats over the stilettos, wedges and platforms so popular at the time. Coop's footwear choices also helped bring her down to Ryan's level—I smell a metaphor, people!

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Today’s TV shows are packed with chic leading ladies—Mad Men’s Megan Draper, Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary, Game of Thrones’ resident platinum-haired ass-kicker Daenerys. But for those who came of age in the early aughts, few onscreen characters compared to the utter fabulousness of The O.C.'s Marissa Cooper (may she rest in peace).

Played by Mischa Barton, the impeccably-coiffed high schooler had a designer-label-packed wardrobe that totally masked her turbulent mood swings and hard-partying ways. Even when she was passing out in a Tijuana alleyway or being almost-molested by her on-again-off-again boyfriend’s brother (why you gotta cause so much trouble, Trey?!), the troubled teen always looked flawlessly styled. So in honor of the fact that 11 years—yes, 11—have passed since the series’ premiere, I’ve rounded up a handful of reasons why Coop was the chicest teen to ever grace the small screen.


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