Instagram Proof That Miley Can't Stop (And Won't Stop)

Senior Digital Editor

Photo via Instagram

Miley Cyrus' controversial, foam-finger-accented performance at last Sunday's MTV Video Music Awards elicited some strong reactions from our team, to put things lightly. So determined were we to dissect every risqué bit of her onstage display, in fact, that we (only half-jokingly) began to order those guilty of multiple Miley mentions to pay up for their sins.

But while we're just about ready to cease and desist on all Cyrus-related discussion, it seems the star herself isn't quite ready to stop provoking us. Proof? Just yesterday, the singer formerly known as Hannah Montana Instagrammed two skin-baring shots of herself. In the first (seen above), she's wearing a shirt emblazoned with the title of her upcoming album Bangerz—sans pants, of course. In the other (below), she's in what appears to be a bikini she DIY'd from a basketball jersey, promoting the as-yet-unreleased video for her new single "23." We're guessing that clip will be quiiiite different from Taylor Swift's squeaky-clean "22" vid.

Photo via Instagram


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