Three Ways to Dress Like a Well-Mannered Art History Student à la Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile

Oh, look, it's the A-line skirt brigade. Not mad at it.

Columbia/Courtesy Everett Collection

Oh, college. You know, there was a time where it wasn't at all like it is today. For a pretty accurate portrayal of college life in the '50s, look no further than the impeccably styled Mona Lisa Smile. The film's heroine, played by Julia Roberts, is a West Coast art history professor who leaves L.A. for the most conservative school in the country: Wellesley. There, she encounters the smartest young women in the country—some poised to be lawyers, some headed to build happy (or, in one case, unhappy) homes and families. We fully recommend adding it to your Netflix queue—if not for the interesting look at history, then for the ridiculously good clothes. Click through to shop some of our favorite looks.