Morning Music Musings: Bugattis, Stripes and Orange Jumpsuits

Contributing Digital Editor

This morning, during my daily workout session (read: torture), Ace Hood's "Bugatti" came on over the stereo. This prompted a conversation about the recent popularity of Bugattis in song lyrics. The cars themselves have been around for a while, but haven't received the same pop culture recognition as, say, a Ferrari. My friend recalled a few other fairly new songs that mention them, and then I brought it back to Konvict's remix of Gwen Stefani's "Sweet Escape". Gwen mentions peeling off in one of the 1.2 million dollar cars after swapping in her Maserati. Sweet life. Anyway, I argued that she was one of the first to popularize the car, even if it didn't take off.

Nobody seemed to care.

Whichever your preference, here are both songs to listen to. Both will help you take on the Monday you know is waiting. And of course, shop some convict clothing above.


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