An Editor's Guide To Surviving New York Fashion Week


Because the pace of NYFW is too fast for proper sit-down meals, it's easy to be tempted by Starbucks' icing-laden array of pastries. Fortunately, we have these tasty snacks instead, which provide the same boost of quick energy without the following sugar crash. Although the standard fruit & nut (and sometimes chocolate, yum) varieties have been our standby for several years now, this season we'll be adding the company's new granola bars to the mix.

Digital Writer

Common Fashion Week mistake: spending tons of time picking a pretty purse, and none filling it with the right stuff. It's possible to skate by with an empty It-bag on your arm for the first day or two, but eventually those back-to-back shows, late night parties and early morning presentations start to take a toll. That's when it's really nice to have the nine things in the slideshow above. Based on our own unprepared misadventures, we've included everything that's pulled us through beauty emergencies, wardrobe malfunctions, technology mishaps and extreme hangriness. Click through to stock up before the fashion madness begins!


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