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Because the pace of NYFW is too fast for proper sit-down meals, it's easy to be tempted by Starbucks' icing-laden array of pastries. Fortunately, we have these tasty snacks instead, which provide the same boost of quick energy without the following sugar crash. Although the standard fruit & nut (and sometimes chocolate, yum) varieties have been our standby for several years now, this season we'll be adding the company's new granola bars to the mix.
Green Juice
Never a total cleanse or fast—because NYFW is definitely NOT the time to forgo solid food—but as a way stay to stay healthy all week! Sipping a vitamin- and mineral- filled beverage throughout the day provides the essential nutrients we need to keep going. (It's also tasty, too; like drinking a really fresh salad!)
Battery Pack
All that extra instagramming, tweeting, vining, emailing and texting takes a toll on a cell phone's battery fast. If you don't want to be out of juice before noon, bring one of these puppies along.
Peachy Nail Polish
Look, we've done the whole crazy nail art thing for fashion week before and it's great until day three, when everything starts to chip and there's no time for new manicure. It's better to stick with a polish that's close to your actual nail color—not only will imperfections will be nearly invisible, but touch-ups much easier.
Statement Flats
Rather than blow all your cash on teeter-y pumps you'll give up wearing mid-week, save enough for one amazing pair of loafers, slippers, oxford or brogues, too. Keep them in your purse for an emergency shoe switch that won't mess up your outfit.
Blister Stick
If your new fashion week footwear isn't quite broken in yet, this handy little stick efficiently prevents the strap, vamps and tops of your shoes from rubbing feet raw. Although it works best if you apply it preventively, we've also seen it stop a half-formed blister in its tracks.
Tiny Notebook
Perhaps the only time we don't completely rely on our smart phones and tablets is in the middle of a show, when it's much faster and easier to jot notes the old school way. In between events, it's also fun for absent minded doodling.
An Opening Ceremony-Worthy Sweatshirt
The first week of September is full of unpredictable weather. During the day, it might be warm enough for bare shoulders, but once the sun sets, things cool down fast. The best way to avoid buying a frumpy tourist sweatshirt out of desperation (or leaving an evening event prematurely) is to keep a better option on hand.
Undereye Corrector
Specially formulated to hide dark circles, we haven't found a better—or easier—solution to tired looking eyes than this. It takes rough 30 seconds to swipe it on with the accompanying powder in the back of a cab, stays in place until you wash it off and gives the illusion of eight hours sleep. (Even if you went right from a late night after party to your first show the next morning.)