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The Show-Stopper in a Skirt

Inspiration: The Man Repeller

When you have a piece that screams so loud, why add to the noise? Keep it simple, stupid. No doubt we'll be seeing plenty of girls emulating that Man Repeller-esque style of crazy-wild on bottom with crazy-cool up top.

The Season Pusher

Inspiration: Helicopter parents and over-prepared mothers

There is at least one every season. And look, I get it, you blew a ton of money on a fall/winter coat and want people to see it. But for the love of god, it's 80 degrees outside. Join us humans on earth, will you?

Girl With the Coolest Jacket Ever

Inspiration: Ray Siegel, senior online editor, CR Fashion Book

It's not quite warm enough for a full-on coat yet, but a light jacket will do the trick and NYFW is prime time to show off the goods. The coolest one around right now? Phillip Lim's. Duh.

The Blinged-Out Blogger

Inspiration: Every fashion blogger ever in the history of things.

You might hear a stack of bangles rustling from a few rows away at the shows. That's probably the sound of an artfully-layered jewelry tower, clinking and clanking as an iPhone raises to the sky for a quick Instagram. The telltale sign? A Giles & Brother railroad spike with a Twitter handle.

The Not-So-Over-It-Girl

Inspiration: The loadies on the grassy knoll over there.

These kids are so impossibly cool that they're completely over fashion week before fashion week even starts. In protest, they slap the hand of the establishment by wearing ironic sweatshirts that poke fun at the industry. On the inside, they are begging to be showered with attention.

The Killer Shoe Girl

Inspiration: Eva Chen, editor-in-chief, Lucky

Not a day goes by when these girls don't hit the streets in the world's best shoes. Alaia, Balenciaga, Wang—and of course, the calling card of good taste in footwear: Valentino Rockstuds. Doesn't matter if they go with jeans or a dress, the shoes take the cake.

The Jenna Lyons Devotee

Inspiration: Jenna Lyons, creative director, J.Crew

Jenna Lyons basically dresses the entire U.S. of A. She can wear almost anything out there, but her mastery of tailored statement pants is our favorite—especially when paired with a simple, crisp white shirt.

The Mysterious French Woman Who Knows The Secrets of the World

Inspiration: Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief, Vogue Paris

French women know something nobody else does. I have no idea what it is. But I think we can all agree that they carry this "joo no say kwa" thing about them and always look completely perfect no matter what they're wearing. Focus on the hat. Maybe it's the hat.

The Girl in a Flower Crown

Inspiration: Jesus?

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