Better Than Black: 13 Patterned Pencil Skirts

Feel free to go neutral or colorful on top—each is an equally pretty option.

Digital Writer

If the reason you don't own a printed pencil skirt yet is because you think basic black, navy and tan are more versatile options, then you've been sorely misinformed. Sure, a neutral-hued sheath matches most any shirt or shoe—but so does one with a floral motif or stripes! In fact, the wilder the pattern, the easier it becomes to create a look: just throw on a simple pullover or T-shirt to balance out your busier lower half*! Of course, if you're feeling more adventurous you can also do the whole print-on-print thing, or take a more traditional route with a button-down or slim turtleneck. That's beauty of printed pencil skirts: the outfit possibilities are endless.

Bright lipstick, statement jewelry and elaborate shoes all become optional when you've got good printed pencil game. Those are the kinds of ensemble-saving extras you need on hand for generic solid sheaths, not bold styles that'll win you ten compliments in one day. That's why printed pencil skirts are also the best thing ever if you're running late in the morning and have no time to fuss in front of a mirror. The 13 pieces in the slideshow above won't let you down in those moments when you need to look good in a hurry (or really, any amount of time of all). Click through to stock up now.

*Yes, this even applies if you're wider around the hips! Just pick a smaller print (or something with vertical panels like the Just Cavalli skirt on slide nine) and pair it with a darker top. You'll look amazing, I swear it.


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