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Feel free to go neutral or colorful on top—each is an equally pretty option.
The most sophisticated way to wear snakeskin.
For days when you're feeling abashedly girly.
Your matching mani is going to be dooope.
Proof that gingham is not just for hoedowns and barn-raising. (As is this.)
Just a little longer than a mini, this is what you wear when you want a little more—but not too much—coverage.
It's hard to decide what makes it most special: the steel grey lighting bolts or the twinkling yellow embellishments.
Call it your "cotton candy skirt."
Anchor the intricate pattern with a chunky black turtleneck on top.
Tailored tight enough to balance the twee vintage print.
Last time we saw this pattern it was on a maxi dress in the '90s. What a great update!
Props to the stylist on this shoot: we love this skirt with brogues! (But we'd also love it with boots, lace-up sandal pumps and most anything else, too.)
With red lipstick, you'll be Gwen Stefani's twinsie.