10 Red Bags That'll Turn Your Basics Into an Outfit

The perfect Goldilocks size: not too big, not too small.

Digital Fashion Writer


Candy apple red's not a quiet color. And yet there's something about the shade that appeals not just to the Jenna Lyonses and Anna Dello Russos of the world, but to the neutral, too-cool dressers, too—the minimalist Sofia Coppolas and the sharp Carine Roitfelds. They love adding a scarlet accent to their camel coats and black pointy-toed heels because by now they've got it figured out: there's just something about that not-too-orangey-but-not-too burgundy, perfectly medium Crayola red. It reads bold but sophisticated, especially in accessories, making it the classic accent color of choice. Swap out your standard black bag for a tote or satchel in the shade; it'll make even your most tired basics (jeans and a white t-shirt, whatever) look more like an outfit—a polished, grown-up, pretty outfit.