3 Outfits From 3 Genius Tenenbaum Children


Buena Vista Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection

Contributing Digital Editor

I've always believed that dark humor makes the world go around. So, you're probably not surprised if I say I thoroughly enjoy The Royal Tenenbaums. First of all, it always seems to be on during a rainy afternoon and it's the perfect movie for such days. Secondly, the styling—from wardrobe, to set, to filming is impeccable. Everybody always comments on Margot's zebra print wallpaper and many other details of the Tenenbaum house. But, of course, most people tend to identify with the characters more than the set, so we thought it best to help you channel your favorite Tenenbaum sibling.

Are you a Margot, Chas, or Richie?


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