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"I love an over-the-top pile of accessories. I like to make things as easy on myself as possible, and I find that if you know you're going to have an eye-catching jangle of bracelets (and rings! And earrings! And maybe even a necklace!), you can wear anything (jeans and a tee; an easy-breezy shift dress) and look "done." The catch is to not overthink it. If you like something, wear it—and feel free to wear the same thing every day. (It can become your signature!) Pro tip: I love the look of jumbles of gold bracelets. Old, broken watches are super cheap at flea markets and junk shops. Scoop 'em up and wear them all!" - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor
"I love wearing one bangle — it feels just a little more polished, and sounds a lot less jangly. I have one from Miansai that I wear almost every day." - Jayna Maleri, Senior Fashion Writer
"Aside from a classic watch on my wrist, I always wear my personalized Giles railroad spike cuff." - Alanna Joy Simon, Jewelry and Accessories Assistant
"As much I love seeing full-blown arm parties on others—our own Verena von Pfetten's mishmash of multiple watches is pretty amaze—I'm more comfortable sticking to one or two simple but still statement-making bracelets. My favorites tend to be open bangles in either yellow or rose gold, though I'm also a fan of the delicate chain or chunky ID bracelet. For me, a more minimal wrist situation makes typing—something I do all the livelong day—way easier, plus it's a nice way to highlight more personal pieces without them getting lost in the stacked-high shuffle." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"I'm anti-stack. The crazy layered thing is too fussy for me and I hate the sound of them clanking on my desk when I type. I like to wear thin, gold bracelets from BRVTVS or one cool cuff." - Laurel Pantin, Market Editor