11 Stylish Period Films We Can't Wait To See This Fall

Lee Daniels' The Butler

Opens August 16

If you want to see Oprah Winfrey dance around her living room in a black and white 1970s jumpsuit and formidable 'fro, then consider Lee Daniels’ The Butler a must-see. In the movie, Winfrey plays Gloria, the wife of White House butler Cecil Gaines. Thanks to his profession, Gaines had the best seat in the country during one of the most monumental crusades in American history – the civil rights movement. The film follows Gaines as he serves presidents and dignitaries from the Eisenhower years through the Reagan administration. Because of the large timespan covered in the movie, we also get to see Winfrey wear everything from mod shifts to sporty tracksuits.

Photo courtesy of Anne Marie Fox © 2013 The Weinstein Company

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Comedy cult classics! Star-studded Oscar bait! Arty indie fare! All of the above are on our list of upcoming must-see movies—a list that also happens to span more than a century's worth of fashion. So from 1860s French garb to 1960s royal style to the suited-up corporate attire of 1990s Wall Street, here are 11 movies sure to wow cinephiles and style-philes alike.