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Lee Daniels' The Butler
Opens August 16
If you want to see Oprah Winfrey dance around her living room in a black and white 1970s jumpsuit and formidable 'fro, then consider Lee Daniels’ The Butler a must-see. In the movie, Winfrey plays Gloria, the wife of White House butler Cecil Gaines. Thanks to his profession, Gaines had the best seat in the country during one of the most monumental crusades in American history – the civil rights movement. The film follows Gaines as he serves presidents and dignitaries from the Eisenhower years through the Reagan administration. Because of the large timespan covered in the movie, we also get to see Winfrey wear everything from mod shifts to sporty tracksuits.
Opens August 23
Based on the 1927 novel by François Mauriac, Audrey Tautou plays Thérèse, a woman in a loveless marriage with the indifferent Bernard (Gilles Lellouche). It isn’t until she sees her sister-in-law fall into a passionate romance with a Portuguese man that she begins to wonder what a life in love can feel like. Tired of her husband, Thérèse becomes determined to free herself from him and his family. French frills and '20s flapper style make this drama a fashion must-see.
Romeo and Juliet
Opens October 11
This fall, the world's most famous tale of young love will be brought to life once again in Romeo and Juliet, this time starring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth in the titular roles. We’re all familiar with the story of Verona's star-crossed lovers, but we can’t wait to see the new production's take on Shakespearean fashion. Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes adapted the screenplay, so you can bet the film will look downright authentic. Expect plenty of romantic Elizabethan gowns, mysterious yet alluring masks...and Chuck Bass in tight pants (Ed Westwick plays Tybalt!).
Opens in October
Beloved by the world, Princess Diana was known as the "People's Princess." This fall, Naomi Watts will portray the iconic royal on the big screen in her new film Diana. Covering the two years before Princess Di's tragic death in August 1997, the movie focuses on her work with the Red Cross and her relationships with Dr. Hasnat Khan and Dodi Fayed. The late princess' sophisticated style is sure to shine on the big screen.
Opens September 20
Olivia Wilde is in for a crazy ride in the upcoming biopic Rush. The star plays Studio 54-era model Suzy Miller, the wife of Formula One driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). Set in 1976, Rush recounts the horrific crash of Niki Lauda, Hunt’s driving nemesis, and his return to racing just in time for the World Championships. We can't wait to see Wilde slip into some serious jumpsuits and broad-brimmed hats.
Opens September 27
In this version of the aforementioned French novel—yes, two adaptations are being released this fall!—Elizabeth Olsen stars as the titular character forced to marry her own ailing cousin (Tom Felton) and live an uneventful, loveless life in 1860s Paris. That is, until she meets her husband’s friend Laurent (Oscar Isaac) and is caught up in a passionate, adulterous and ultimately doomed affair. If big-screen trends are to be believed, it seems 19th century proletariat fashion will be all the rage this season.
The Wolf of Wall Street
Opens November 15
Leonardo DiCaprio is trading in his fancy Gatsby soirées for fratty stockbroker parties–think monkeys and naked marching bands–in his new movie Wolf of Wall Street. Based on a true story (and the book of the same name), DiCaprio will play Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street stockbroker in the '90s who rises to the top of the financial world. Belfort’s life of drugs and hard partying comes to a halt, however, when the FBI begins investigating him for fraud. You can see DiCaprio suit up alongside Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey and Margot Robbie (a former Lucky girl and star on the rise) in the Martin Scorsese-directed flick this holiday season.
Inside Llewyn Davis
Opens December 6
Winner of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival Grand Prix award, the latest Coen Brothers movie follows singer Llewyn Davis as he struggles through early 1960s New York City. Oscar Isaac plays the folk-crooning artist alongside an impressive supporting cast—Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, Garrett Hedlund and John Goodman, anyone?—and you’ll even get to hear some of these multifaceted actors belt out a tune or two.
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues
Opens December 20
Prepare yourself for the second installment of one of the most hilarious and quotable movies of all time. Just in time for Christmas, Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell), the man with “suits so fine they made Sinatra look like a hobo,” will return with the Channel 4 news team to report hard-hitting stories. But this time, instead of staying classy in San Diego, the gang's heading across the country to enlighten the people of New York City. In terms of the fashion, we'll get to see Christina Applegate suit up in her best on-air-appropriate outfits once more—plus, new addition Kristen Wiig gets some pretty funky hair and makeup.
Saving Mr. Banks
Opens December 20
Every child wanted a nanny like Mary Poppins, but no one ever really questioned where she came from. (If the woman said she lived on a cloud, then she lived on a cloud!) Set in the '60s, Saving Mr. Banks follows Poppins creator P. L. Travers (Emma Thompson) as she tries to decide whether to sign the rights to her book over to Walt Disney (Tom Hanks).
Grace of Monaco
Opens November 27
Nicole Kidman will portray the timeless Grace Kelly in her new movie Grace of Monaco. Set in the 1960s, the film chronicles Kelly’s life during a more difficult part of her time as a royal, when tensions were high between her husband Prince Rainier III of Monaco and French President Charles De Gaulle. The late Hollywood-starlet-turned-real-life-princess adored Cartier jewelry, and the iconic brand was recruited to recreate Kelly’s favorite pieces, like her gorgeous ruby and diamond tiara and flawless engagement ring. As if we needed another reason to admire Kelly’s elegance and exquisite taste...