Rising Stock: 20 Things Lucky Editors Love To Stockpile

"I actually do this a lot, because I have absolutely no qualms about wearing the same thing a couple days in a row, especially if I love it! But the two items I just can't get enough of are J.Crew men's V-neck merino sweaters and my cream Converse Chuck Taylor high-tops. I must own at least seven of those J.Crew sweaters. They're the perfect cut—ever-so-slightly oversized if you buy them a size or two down from your traditional "lady" size (I'm a medium in women's; I buy a men's small)—and just the right thickness for layering—with skinnies, for that classic-cool, slightly slouchy look, or over a dress and under a leather jacket in the fall. Some day, I fully plan on wearing my camel one Jenna Lyons-style—with a silk, candy-colored ball skirt. (Bonus tip: they go on sale at least once a month!)

As for the Converse, I live in them—and I wear them to death. So I like to have a fresh pair on standby for that inevitable morning when my current pair just gives up." - Verena von Pfetten, executive digital editor


Thrilling as the hunt for a new product may be, few things give us more pleasure than the reliability of our old favorites. In fact, our team is so loyal to their go-to buys that they'll always purchase more than one. If you're still searching for that special something worth buying in bulk, we suggest starting with the things we swear by in the slideshow above. Just be sure to order yourself a few extras—you're going to need them.


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