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Pair it with a high-waisted skirt and heels, or some ripped jeans and thick-strapped sandals.
We'd style it just like the model, with a pair of pants or skirt in another shade of green.
Silghtly cooler than your average floral dress, thanks to the white blocking around the sides and neckline.
Don't feel weird about buying it in August, because it'll probably still be warm out until late September anyway.
That clear PVC material is magical. It can make any shoe cooler, but still just as versatile.
A good pair of suiting pants can make you feel confident, even on days when you slept through your alarm and had no time to put makeup on.
The color's great, but the not-too-common midi length might be the best part.
For trying out printed pants without committing to an aggressive, "look at me!" pattern.
That hem pushes it into "elevated basic" territory.