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New York City
Both dress experts told me that their brides from the Big Apple have extremely sophisticated tastes. They aren't afraid to try some a little less traditional, like non-white dresses (the most popular alternatives in NYC right now are silver-y grey and blush) or a daring architectural shape. "New York City girls have fashion all around them," Michele explained. "So they tend to pick up trends first."
Los Angeles
Because the area is so heavily influenced by Hollywood culture, many ladies from the City of Angels are inspired by fashion on the red capret. But not all LA brides go for an award show type of look! According to Terry, plenty dress a little more casually, and pick pieces with a "natural, romantic and organic" feel.
Michele says the warm weather also plays a major role in an Cali girl's decision. "It's just a different sensibility [than the east coast]; people get comfortable wearing less clothes." Hey, we get it—we bet even Kate Middleton would've gone strapless in 90 degree heat!
"Miami's art and fashion scene is hot right now, and a Latin flavor penetrates the whole culture. These brides are confident, red carpet girls!"—that's the first thing Michele said about the Floridian hot spot. She also told me that women prefer a little more "bling" (beading, sequins, chunky stones) when they walk down the aisle, often accompanied by open backs and/or plunging necklines. There are so many good tans down there, too, that lots of brides opt for pure white over ivory because it complements their sunkissed skin.
Women from the Windy City are looking for a more classic gown, "that they'll still be proud to show off in 30 years," Michele says. They're interested in something fashionable, yet timeless. The styles sold in the Chi-town often include elegant beading, lace and embroidery, but never anything too shiny or flashy.
While Terry told me that most of his Southern brides go for a big, decadent ballgown, it was sweet, vintage-y details that Michele zeroed in on. In Dallas especially, she's found that women are less concerned with the size of the skirt and more interested in "interesting details, like treated lace or bows in the back" and the "romantic look." Still, she admitted, a lot of girls want something with several layers of luxurious fabric.
Although Michele's found that brides from Seattle seek more traditional, "all-American" styles, she was quick to defend the residents' fashion cred. Rather than going with a standard issue cake-topper bride outfits, she told me, many women from the rainy Northwestern city will pick a classic shape or fabric with a modern update, like a subtle print or lacy trim.