From NYC to LA: The Most Popular Wedding Dress Trends Across The Country

Los Angeles

Because the area is so heavily influenced by Hollywood culture, many ladies from the City of Angels are inspired by fashion on the red capret. But not all LA brides go for an award show type of look! According to Terry, plenty dress a little more casually, and pick pieces with a "natural, romantic and organic" feel.

Michele says the warm weather also plays a major role in an Cali girl's decision. "It's just a different sensibility [than the east coast]; people get comfortable wearing less clothes." Hey, we get it—we bet even Kate Middleton would've gone strapless in 90 degree heat!

Digital Writer

Can you tell what city a bride is from by looking at her gown? Kleinfeld's Fashion Director, Terry Hall and Michele Von Plato, the Senior Vice President of Product Development & Design at David's Bridal might be able to. Thanks to years of experience working with engaged women around the country (and globe!), both have keen sense of what's big in the world of weddings—and where.

Chatting with both experts to see what's trending in some of America's biggest metropolises, I discovered that there's a ton of white and ivory (and sometimes blush or silver—check out my slide on New York!) dress diversity happening right now. Click through the slideshow above to see what's most popular near your hometown. (But don't feel pressured to do the same thing. It's your big day, so pick what you want!)


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