Under-$100 Work Dresses That Won't Cut Into Your Play Money

Look like you took the time to coordinate a skirt and top, when really all you did was roll out of bed and toss this on.

Digital Fashion Writer


We kinda wear whatever want through these hallways—pajama shirts, Converse, purple nail polish—enough that when someone shows up dressed super-corporate, it's pretty much always either a look they're going for, or a visitor that's lost.

Still, that doesn't mean that we don't symphatize with the complaints of our friends: that work dressing is boring, and that spending money on office-appropriate clothes is kinda like taking two steps forward and one step back. You want that money you're earning to go towards fun stuff, too, so we suggest you save your funds for things like lip gloss and moto jackets and stock up on these work dresses instead. They've got the tame cuts and neutral fabrics of your typical office dress code, but without the yucky matronly look or (maybe most importantly?) the scary price tags.