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Look like you took the time to coordinate a skirt and top, when really all you did was roll out of bed and toss this on.
9 am to 5 pm, pair it with a ponytail and simple pumps. Afterwards, muss it up with ankle boots and a bold lip.
Red's a power color. Wear it when you want a raise.
Elastic waistbands are the best: they'll cinch you in for a professional look, but they're comfy enough to wear for a nine-hour work day.
How very Victoria Beckham.
The hem makes it a head-turner...but still a conservative one.
It's a softer way to look sharp.
Go ahead and wear a loud print, as long as it's got a conservative cut. It's a compromise.
Simple color-blocking makes it significantly more exciting than a solid black, white or tan dress.
Break the stupid "rules" and mix it with some black accessories.
In a silhouette like this, white feels more sleek and sharp than black.
It'll help you fake an hourglass figure.
The perfect blend between office wear and date wear, like what high-powered lawyers wear on TV.
Use a high neckline to tame a borderline-short hemline.