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1. A Long Sleeve LBD
Since the color and silhouette are so basic, I'd look for one with a few defining details; perhaps a lace-trimmed hemline or slouchy pockets. Those kinds of little extras won't make it any less versatile, but a lot more special.
2. A Tartan Blazer
Whether it's styled in a grunge-y, preppy or Annie Hall-esque way, I promise a plaid jacket will make all fall outfits better.
3. A Boxy White T-Shirt
The structured shape looks a little more polished than floppy, lengthier styles, and its hip-hitting hem means no tucking! Because isn't adjusting bunchy fabric all day the worst?
4. A Distressed Denim Pencil Skirt
Although this was kind of the piece to have last summer, I think it deserves some love this autumn, too. Wear it with ankle booties and cozy pullovers until it's too cold for bare legs.
5. Leather Trousers
Relaxed, refined and just a little bit badass, slouchy kidskin pants are way more versatile than you'd think. If you're worried about the aggressive-ness of all that leather, balance it with conservative shoes and a demure silk blouse.
6. A Textured Pullover
Sweaters are the bread and butter of all autumn wardrobes so it's important to have a few good ones for mix and matching with, well, everything.
7. A Luxe Leather Shopper
Has all the versatility of summer's canvas and straw carryall, but with so much more polish.
8. Black D'Orsay Pumps
Between the blunt-point toes and elegant side-dips, these win my vote for coolest pumps ever.
9. Monk Strap Flats
I imagine if a Chelsea boot and loafer had a love child, this is what it'd look like.
10. Gold Choker
Because neck-hugging necklaces are already so overtly sexy, I like the idea of wearing them with something that's not, like menswear, denim and loose fit pants. (So basically, most everything in the slideshow.)
11. Fur-Trimmed Car Coat
Toward the end of the season, when temperatures really start to drop, this is the perfect last layer to throw on. I love how the furry neckline is like a built in scarf!