30 Perfect September Outfits

September 1

Wear the thick, tweed-y skirt that looked out of place in July and August and show off your summer tan with bare legs. Best of both worlds. Click through to shop the look.

Tina Leung via FilmMagic

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Digital Fashion Writer

It's weird, but I swear a back-to-school mindset bubbles up in all of us each year, even those who graduated a decade ago (or more). It's like it's ingrained in our internal clocks: once summer's languidness ends, September zaps us with renewed focus and enthusiasm. It trickles into even the smallest aspects of the everyday grind, including our sartorial game. People just look good in September.

Of course, the cornucopia of clothing options could also be to credit. September weather is kind of the bomb on the inclusivity front—neither too hot to wear long-sleeves nor too cold to go bare-legged—and with the bulk of your closet in play, it's easier to hit aces.

Still, if you're haven't quite caught the almost-fall bug and are feeling uninspired, we've got you covered. Click through above to see some of our favorite quintessentially September outfits (dresses and ankle boots! silk pants and moto jackets!) on some of our favorite people. From celebrities to street style stars and our very own Lucky Community members, there should be a girl—and an outfit—in there to inspire you.


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